Team VRTCL is a Gaming and Entertainment organisation. Team VRTCL was founded in October 2021 and from the beginning our goal has been to give underrated players & creators a platform to grow and develop with. We want to provide our members all the tools they need to succeed in the gaming industry. Currently, VRTCL focuses on content, with also a great focus on our community and grinders. Our management team is putting in the work ethic, knowledge, and motivation to allow us to provide the best possible future for our members & community. At VRTCL, we truly believe that our community is unique, and we strive to make our community a better place for grinders and the gaming community in general. VRTCL seeks to expand to other communities, esports titles, and overall achieve greatness in esports. We are Partnered with Fluxx Collection, ConQStore, Oscure Technologies & Gamer Sleeves. These companies products are Merchandise, Controllers, PCs / Pre Built PCs & Gamer Sleeves that help your aim & decrease friction while gaming.