Q. How do I join VRTCL?

A. The best chance of getting picked up to VRTCL is by tagging us on our social media platforms (TeamVRTCL) & having #VRTCL in your username to help us identify the fact you’re grinding for us.

Q. How do I join the discord?

A. Click here

Q. What games do VRTCL look into / want on their roster?

A. We look for players in all major titles competitively, we want to expand into Apex Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty & Fortnite. There’s always a possibility of expanding into other games such as Rocket League, Halo, PUBG, etc so never give up hope. We’re always on the lookout.

Q. Who created VRTCL & when?

A. Exhtract created VRTCL on October 8th 2021 originally branded as VerticalKings. We then rebranded on 14th May 2022 to TeamVRTCL.